Winter Talks

You’re Invited! The Garden Plant Nursery would like to invite you to our free winter talks and demos. There will be ten in total held on Tuesday’s starting at the end of May right through to the beginning of August. Bookings are essential and will include a 10% discount voucher for in store on the day. Below is a timetable for the different topics, please phone 62546726 to book your place. 

Please note: All talks will be held inside; we have coffee and hot chocolate on site as well. Seating area will be limited, please bring a fold up chair. Happy gardening from The Garden Plant Nursery, ‘where plant life, is our life.’

The Garden Plant Nursery                        148 Parkwood Road, Macgregor.        




31 May


Home Floristry with Emma Stewart.

Do you love having fresh flowers picked from your garden in your home but find they’re not lasting very long.  Would you like to know which plants are best suited for home vases?  Emma will talk about which plants are suitable for our climate and last the best as cut flowers.  Emma is not only a qualified Hort but also a qualified Florist.

7 June


Rose Pruning Techniques and Spraying with Don Franklin.

Don has been pruning roses for over 20 years and would like to pass on this knowledge.  So if you have any type of rose you are unsure about, or would like a refresher, then this is the topic for you, he will also talk about the latest sprays and their timing.

14 June


Tools, tools and then there’s Tools with Grant from Taskmaster.

Grant from Taskmaster in Canberra will be talking about the right tool to go with the right job in the garden, using the wrong tool can not only hurt your plants but make gardening much harder for yourself, Grant will also talk about the best tools to buy to make gardening easier for you.

21 June


Worm Farms with Cid Riley from Global Worming

Did you know that in Australia, one tonne of waste per person ends up in Landfill every year? The majority of household waste is organic and could be recycled into an organic fertiliser using composting or worm farms. Cid Riley from Global worming will be presenting options for recycling organic waste at home including:

-          Where to start

-          What is best for my household

-          Basics for setting up composting and a worm farm at home

-          Maintenance and renovation of home composting systems

There will be also lots of time available to ask questions or share your own experiences.


28 June


Orchid Growing and Maintenance with Paul Tyerman.

Paul has a great passion for plants; he has been a member of the Orchid Society for many years.  Join Paul as he demonstrates how to repot Cymbidium Orchids and explains the likes and dislikes of some of the more popular varieties.  With the right information you may discover how to get your orchids to flower longer and maybe even flower for the first time in years.

5 July


Propagation with John Bowe from Tableland Trees & Shrubs.

John has been supplying Canberra with cold hardy plants for decades and will be joining us to talk about propagation and techniques, including grafting.  This is a great opportunity to see and hear how it is done by someone in the industry.

12 July


Fruit Tree Pruning Techniques and Spraying with Don Franklin.

There are few Canberra suitable fruit trees that Don has not pruned and maintained, and Don would like to pass on the basic techniques to help you with your own trees. Whether it be new or mature trees Don will talk you through the shapes and pruning and where to maximise fruit production and minimise pest and disease.

19 July


Ph Testing and Soils with Paul Tyerman

Paul will explain how the acidity and alkaline levels in our soil affect our plants and show you how easy and quick a Ph test on soil can be done. An extremely important topic to keep our plants happy.

26 July


Creating and Caring for Terrariums with Emma Stewart.

Terrariums have had a big come back over the last few years, and we get a lot of queries about DIY and the care for these miniature landscapes. Not only does Emma love plants but she has an eye for detail and a creative flair. Come join Emma as she shows you a layer by layer demonstration of how to make a Terrarium and a look at the care requirements to keep them in top shape.


2 Aug


Lawns by Canturf.

Our friendly Canturf representative will come and talk about rejuvenating lawns, preparation for new lawns and anything else you need to know about your lawn, get the right info from Canberra’s lawn guru’s.